Petz Spreading Paws to DS

Ubisoft has announced new titles in its Petz series, expanding the franchise to the DS and PC, as well as its home on GBA. Having seen success with the Dogz and Catz series on the GBA and PC, with more than 1.4 million copies sold, the publisher will be releasing the following titles to appeal to people who are too scared of owing real pets:

  • Dogz on PC and Nintendo DS (November 2006): This classic game, already a proven brand on PC and GBA, make its debut on Nintendo DS™. Choose your favourite puppy from a large selection of breeds and interact directly with it.
  • Dogz Fashion on GBA (September 2006): Dogz Fashion allows players to adopt their own adorable puppy, dress him/her up in all kinds of fashionable outfits and enter him/her to win fashion competitions.
  • Catz on PC and Nintendo DS (November 2006): Ubisoft created the first cat-simulation game ever, bewitching PC gamers around the world. Catz is eagerly anticipated by the game’s numerous devotees. It allows players to adopt his/her favorite kitten, interact directly with it and watch it grow.
  • Horsez on PC and Nintendo DS (November 2006): A newcomer in the Petz series, Horsez™ is the first game that allows you to care for your very own horse, ensuring he grows into a strong adult horse.
  • Hamsterz Life on Nintendo DS (November 2006): Raise several breeds of hamsters and build fully customisable homes for them to grow up in.

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