Gears of War Release Date

Remember the big announcement Epic Games was supposed to make? Well, it’s the Gears of War release date: the Yankees will get it on November 12, while the lads on the other side of the ocean will get it on November 17, the day Sony’s PS3 launches in the region.

Alike other games, Gears of War will also be released in both a standard and limited collector’s edition for $60 and $70, respectively. The limited edition will get oneself a “Destroyed Beauty” art book and a bonus DVD featuring behind-the-scenes material – all this in a metal box.

As for the possibility of a pre-release demo, stop dreaming. Epic Games’ Mark Rein’s forum post explicitly states that they are not working on any demo of any kind, whether it is pre or post-release. However, the studio does plan on supporting the game after release by offering additional downloadable content that’s all the rage on Xbox Live now. No details were offered though.

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