Bad Day LA Gets Euro Publisher

Coming from the genius behind the awesomely amazing Alice, American McGee’s Bad Day: LA has gotten itself a publisher in Europe: Lexicon Entertainment. The game is due out during Q4 2006 in UK and PAL territories on PC.

McGee’s latest game, “Bad Day LA,” is a spoof of disaster films like “The Day After Tomorrow.” “In simple terms, ‘Bad Day LA’ is every blockbuster disaster film funneled into one insane day as experienced from the perspective of the world’s ultimate politically incorrect antihero,” McGee said, adding that the story and events are meant to humorously highlight what he called the ridiculous nature of the “fear culture” in the U.S.

Los Angeles resident McGee said that the game will bring the vibe of the city into this context. For example, in the midst of natural disasters, the game’s residents remain on their cell phones as they watch citizens on fire run down the street.

The protagonist is a homeless man who abandoned his privileged life as a successful Hollywood agent after losing his self-respect. McGee said supporting characters in the game are a recognizable cross section of broad stereotypes, including a blond Beverly Hills bimbo, a Hispanic yard worker, a gung-ho action hero and a middle-class white kid.

Although the game will not use celebrity talent, McGee said certain household names provided inspiration for several of the main characters. Among those he cited are Dave Chappelle, Haley Joel Osment, Danny Trejo, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paris Hilton.

McGee is in talks with publishers for distribution in North America and other territories.

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