Fable 2 Tidbits

This year’s E3 saw a short, but sweet teaser trailer for Fable 2 on Xbox 360; no details were revealed, but a few new tidbits are now available through an update by Sam on Lionhead’s website.

The developer has apparently submitted a “milestone” build to Microsoft; it was well-received, though the author mentions modestly that they haven’t done “too badly.” It seems that the studio is avoiding the mistakes it made with the first Fable – talking too much about it – and has decided not to divulge any details, though the post mentions a motion capture session, among other things.

However, Sam does report that the final storyline has been set in stone and that they are hard at work on implementing it in the game. The story, as stated, will be mature and darker from the original Fable; it will be set 500 years after the original and will have some “rather cool” twists to it.

The studio will submit another milestone build next month, so another update can be expected then.

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