Halo 3 Update – Singleplayer Being Tested

The very latest in Bungie literature has gone up, updating us on the status of the game sought after by overzealous fans – Halo 3.

Apparently, the studio is testing single-player Campaign missions, offering word that they’re testing out new AI and that graphics ranges from “completely untextured placeholder surfaces” to “brilliantly lit and detailed objects”. The prodigious AI is much talked about:

Today, I swear I saw some Grunts do a classic pincer-movement to trap me in a narrow canyon. I was battling um, something bigger than a Grunt, and suddenly, I’m being peppered by a second group of jerks, mostly Grunts, who’d been sent in around my flanks to take me out. Grunts are still grunts though, and once I showed some serious opposition, a couple of them panicked and fled, but they nearly had me and it was quite a shock.

As usual the update contains more action-packed bits, including letters from angry fans who can’t spell properly.

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