Atari: PS3/Wii Games to be Expensive in Europe

Through this rough translation of an article on JeuxFrance, Atari has confirmed that gamers in Europe will surely be paying a higher price for PS3/Wii games. The company, who also distributes Sega games in some parts of Europe, has stated that Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 is going to cost 68 Euros, while World Snooker Championship 2007 will be 74 Euros. The Wii will be 8 Euros cheaper – Sonic Wild Fire and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz will both retail for 60 Euros when released.


  1. Ivan Hanley

    That’s unfortunate. Especially since I’ve the money sitting waiting to buy a Wii. The UK pricing for Wii games looks set at £49.99 RRP and I’m just not prepared to be taken advantage of like that so Nintendo have lost my custom. I will definitely NOT be buying now which is a shame as I think the Wii is the best innovation in gaming in some considerable time.

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