Downloadable Titles Headed to PS3

In an investigative report, IGN claims that the PS3 will receive downloadable titles through its online network similar to how Xbox 360 users get access to casual games.

Apparently, That Game Company is looking for a superstar engineer with a strong graphics background to develop an unannounced downloadable title for the PS3 launch in Novemberthat has led IGN to contact the company to clarify the details. It seems that the game will be for a service which will offer downloadable casual games similar to Xbox Live Arcade, and that itll be available on day one. The companys president then went on to say that it will be a port of the companys currently free-to-play web game “flOw“.

Sony would not comment on the matter, but it was only a matter of time before the media giant added a casual games service to its forthcoming console.

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