Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Screenshots

Some screenshots have been released for Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam which is exclusive to Wii:

Activision also released these demonstration shots, along with appropriate descriptions, to show off the game:

Boosting in Machu Picchu: Players initiate boost by giving the Wii controller a quick move forward.

Hangtime in San Francisco: Players can tilt the Wii controller to change the direction coming off of sticker slap.

Downhill grind in San Francisco: By tilting the Wii controller the player balance their grind.

Launching in San Francisco: To clear large obstacles, players can move the Wii controller forward to boost off of jumps.

Maneuvering in San Francisco: The Wii controller allows precision turning for avoiding obstacles.
Just look at those models! If the game is anywhere near as fun as they make it to be, I’m gonna be the first in line for Wii!

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