Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Unveiled at E3

This year’s E3 saw the unveiling of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on Xbox 360 and DS. Konami used the event to display the said versions of the game, which will feature massively upgraded player AI, improved physics and more.

The game, which is also headed for the PS2, PC and PSP, will also feature a refined shooting system, with new moves, tactics and more. PES6 will also see a number of new teams licensed for inclusion, with the international roster no featuring the official kits for Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Other additions to the game include more balanced referees, as well as new gameplay modes, including an International Challenge mode that has the player leading their home country to victory through a series of entry and tournament rounds, while a Random mode allows the players play quick games within randomly-generated match day settings.

It is being shown at E3. No release date was mentioned.

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