USAF Pilot Training Announced

Ever wanted to join the Air Force but couldnt? Well, you can now do just that, thanks to iEntertainment who will be publishing USAF Pilot Training: Road to the Thunderbirds, a simulation that follows the entry of a new student to the commissioning as a new 2nd Lieutenant.

The company is working with the US Air Force to use the license of the military division. The Air Force has offered to provide additional technical data, facts and support to make the simulation an accurate presentation of the real thing.

The game will use real Air Force training methods and allow the player to learn to fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon, among other planes.It will also introduce players to all the features and functions of the real cockpits of aircrafts used in the Air Force, as well as teach real maneuvers that student pilots practice, among other things.

USAF Pilot Training will be showcased at E3 starting tomorrow.

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