Ubisoft Drops Starforce

Bringing smiles to gamers’ faces, Ubisoft has officially announced that it will no longer be using the much controversial Starforce copy protection system in its games. This comes after news that the publisher dropped Starforce from Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Starforce has been under much fire lately. Many users have claimed that the software has caused problems to their computers, with Ubisoft getting slapped with a $5 million lawsuit by gamers who claimed that Starforce’s DRM has compromised the security of their machines. The anti-piracy company was also recently in the news as one of its employees posted a link to a site where one could illegally download Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations II, apparently trying to prove that without their software pirating a game is easy. The company was served another blow when Aspyr Media decided to abandon Starforce from Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars, as well as sever all ties with the company.

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