God of War 2 Kratos Badass Armor Wallpaper

With the God of War 2 announcement, Sony released an artwork of Kratos in some seriously bad-ass armor. Being an avid fan of the original, the artwork was like heaven to me… so the following wallpaper is dedicated to all the other God of War fans out there.

Thanks to Sony for releasing a high-res version of the artwork, which allowed me to crop it to the 2560×1600 version for users of really large wide-screen monitors (especially the 30″ Dell one); there is also a version for users of standard screens.

I’ve provided only the two following resolutions: 2560×1600 and 1600×1200. This will allow users of lower resolution monitors to use the wallpaper. Please don’t leech – bandwidth is expensive. If you like the wallpaper, please refer your friend to this post.


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  2. Alexander Kollerød

    i wonder about something:-) is it somebody who know`s when god of war 2 is coming to Norway??
    it could be very nice if somebody can e-mail to me if u know it 🙂
    my best regrads from to big god of war fan from viking land of norwAY 😛
    P.ss my e-mail: alex_spanish@msn.com

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