Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Announced for PS3

Already revealed last week, Sony Online Entertainment has officially announced Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom for the PS3. Billed as an “anticipated launch title” for the console, the RPG will feature high-definition graphics (up to 1080p), 7.1 audio and physics-based gameplay. Below is additional information:

Dark Kingdom will be utilizing the powerful PlayStation 3 Cell processors for unique physics-based game mechanics including audio, visual and FXs. Players will be able to fully interact with the environments by breaking or smashing objects, or even using NPCs as living, unwilling weapons. Players will choose from one of three unique characters and be able to unlock spells and abilities, as well as collect unique weapons, armor and other items throughout the game. Other next-gen features include support for high definition formats up to 1080p, highly detailed graphics, digital surround sound, high resolution textures and detailed character models.

For the epic storyline of Dark Kingdom, SOE engaged renowned fantasy author Keith Baker, writer of several best-selling Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars novels. In Dark Kingdom, players have loyally served the king, yet have reason to believe he is being corrupted by dark forces. Sensing distrust, the king sends some of his military off to quell an uprising in the barbaric borderlands. After returning home, players find the land a horribly changed place. It is revealed that the king is responsible for torturing and killing many innocent people, and now players must battle through forests, caverns, villages and the palace, all the while betraying the king in order to save the kingdom!

Key features in Dark Kingdom include:

  • Next-Gen HD Graphics: Experience next-gen graphics in true high-definition formats up to 1080p. Watch as the fantasy unfolds through vibrant environments, beautifully rendered characters, highly-detailed creatures, and intense battles filled with engaging combat, magical spells and brilliant SFX.
  • All-new RPG Action Combat: Unique physics-based game mechanics will give the heroes of Dark Kingdom the ability to tear through environments and defeat enemies in all-new ways. Knock enemies against walls and watch them bounce to the ground. Smash through crates, pillars and boxes to clear a way through the environment. Or grab NPCs and use them as living, unwilling weapons.
  • Epic storyline: Immerse yourself in an intriguing storyline as you seek to end an evil king’s reign of oppression that he has bestowed upon your fellow citizens – all told through in-game dialog and scripted cut sequences.
  • Engaging combat: Take complete control of every battle by using chained melee attacks, or an array of spells and special abilities acquired along your journey.
  • In-depth character progression: Choose from three distinctly different characterclass combinations and unlock new spells and abilities as you adventure! Collect hundreds of armor, weapons and other items that will aid your hero on their perilous journey!
  • Co-op and internet modes: Adventure alone or with your friends with a full range of multiplayer support.
  • Challenging puzzles: Solve environmental puzzles as you explore multiple levels of game play.

More information on the game can be found on its official website; a lackluster gallery of screenshots can be found on Gamespot.


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